Execution of Parallel Applications in the InteGrade Middleware Using the BSP Model

(WCGA 2004)

Andrei Goldchleger and Carlos Alexandre Queiroz and Fabio Kon and Alfredo Goldman and Renato Cerqueira
InteGrade is an object-oriented grid middleware infrastructure whose goal is to leverage existing computational resources in organizations. Rather than relying on dedicated hardware such as reserved clusters, InteGrade focuses on using user desktops, machines in instructional laboratories, shared workstations, as well as dedicated clusters. In this paper, we describe the recently added support for the execution of parallel applications on top of InteGrade. Using these new capabilities, it is possible to distribute a single application over a collection of InteGrade nodes distributed across local- and wide-area networks. The paper describes the implementation of the middleware supporting BSP parallel applications (with synchronized communication among nodes) and discusses future work.


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